Bilingual Parenting that Works

Most bilingual parents struggle with bilingual parenting. To help them I created a new membership called Bilingual Speech Activation. It teaches how to take the pressure off from speaking the 2nd language, how to create great conversations with children and enjoy more relaxed family time at home.

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What is the Bilingual Speech Activation membership?

The Bilingual Speech Activation membership is the only bilingual parenting training that teaches you exactly how to guide your child step-by-step to fluent bilingualism, whatever your starting point and whatever the language you want to activate into everyday use.

Follow clear steps and achieve fast improvement in your child’s language

Once you know exactly what the next right step is, the stress starts to lift from your shoulders. It is replaced with a rewarding journey to a better bilingual future. Although sometimes Bilingual Speech Activation can feel a bit like a fast lane, like for this parent.

“As soon as I started applying these methods, both my children started to produce Finnish language… this started within days! I was blown away.”

This parent is describing how great it felt to jump from no language at all to Level 1 of Bilingual Speech Activation after years of struggle. Then, two months later, they jumped to Level 3 of Bilingual Speech Activation:

“Then, more magic happened. Around 2 months later, Ruby who had never said anything in Finnish, started to speak spontaneously. One time I realised, we went to a grocery store, and she kept chatting to me the whole time in Finnish. This was like a dream come true.”

Now this same family is preparing for the jump from Level 4 to Level 5. How many levels are there? There are 6 levels in Bilingual Speech Activation. Wanna know what they are and how to climb them?

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Who is behind this?

Hello, it’s me. My name is Soile Pietikäinen. I am Finnish and live in London. I am trilingual in Finnish-English-Italian and a mother of native trilingual young adults. At work I’m a sociologist specialised in bilingual family interaction. I study how parents and children really interact in bilingual family homes, so that I can help parents transform their children’s bilingualism.

Bilingual Speech Activation is the culmination of over 20 years of professional work to understand what is stopping so many children from becoming bilingual and how parents can change that, so that children thrive with bilingual childhoods and grow into fluent native bilingual adults.

When help is not available, bilingualism can seem hopeless

No matter how things are now, a better future is possible. Many parents come to Bilingual Speech Activation exhausted. Since their child was born, they have spoken their language, but their child has never really begun to speak it. The whole bilingualism thing has become a source of stress, conflict, and guilt in the family. Disappointment and frustration rule.

Parents can feel judged by people who think they should just try harder, because bilingualism is natural and such an asset. That is unfair. These parents are working so hard! Yet the advice is to work even harder. Speak more of the language. Always speak your language. Persist! At any cost?

At the same time the parent knows that it is not working. Everyone is suffering. A language barrier has crept between the parent and the child. They lose whatever they do. If they insist on the language, they can’t have meaningful conversations. If they don’t insist on the language, they lose the little there is.

It seems on impossible choice, but it is a false choice. This whole setup is wrong. You can have both right now. You can have great conversations in the language that is easy for your child and, at the same time, start a fast language growth in the language your child finds hard.

This is worth repeating: you do not need to choose between great conversations and bilingualism.

You can have both, now. In Bilingual Speech Activation we turn the situation around by doing less – not more.  We turn it around by doing exactly the right thing at the right moment.

By the way, you can also say goodbye to that guilt forever because the problem was never your fault.

Taming a force of nature

Once you find out why it has been so hard until now you will see that there is no way you could have known. It is not your fault. You could not have known. You are battling against a force of nature that is powerful and invisible at the same time. A bit like wind. You don’t see the wind; you see and feel the impact of its force.

Similarly, bilingual parenting is hard, because of certain universal dynamics of human interaction. We can’t see them, but we instinctively adapt to them without realising. That is also why Bilingual Speech Activation works for any language: it is based on our common humanity.

The good news is, that like we can harness wind to work for us, we can also harness this other force of nature, if we understand it. If we have the right tools, we can turn it into our greatest ally. That is what you learn in Bilingual Speech Activation.

How does it feel to get the tools?

  • “It’s exciting how easy it is for them to start speaking more when you have the right tools!”
  • “Six weeks ago, I had no hope that my child would answer in Finnish. Now she speaks Finnish to me all the time "
  • “This course has helped me grow as a person and as a mother and has given me the tools for better parenting.”
  • “I have become so much closer with my kids.”
  • “Thank you for taking my guilt away.”

Could this be you? If you are still reading this page, the answer is probably YES!

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